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moving out to... i don't know tell you later.


:iconrequestsclosed: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :iconcommissionsclosed:
the price: digital only
whatever style (manga/cartoon/disney/my own style)
- sketch+lineart, torso and up: 5 :points:
- sketch+lineart, full body: 10 :points:
- sketch+lineart group (up to 3 people): 15 :points:
- colored torso: 10 :points:
  + simple BG: 12 :points:
  + detail BG: 25 :points:
- colored full body: 15 :points:
  + simple BG: 17 :points:
  + detail BG: 20 :points:
- colored group (up to 3 people): 20 :points:
  + simple BG: 22 :points:
  + detail BG: 25 :points:
realism/semi-realism portrait
*this is a headshot portrait. for realism, it exactly like human so i need the reference--his/her picture/photograph. if you order some OC, i would take it as a semi realism*
- monochrome semi realism: 50 :points:
- colored semi realism: 60 :points:
- monochrome realism: 70 :points:
- colored realism: 80 :points:
+additional person: ask me for pricing

If you're interested, just send me a note. You can see the examples of my drawings on my gallery, thank you. And, by the way, there's been a price-changing. for those who asked my for the commission before 16/02/2012 and haven't paid yet, don't worry, you would get the previous pricing.

slot and status:
1. :iconshianaandtheskeleton:  paid. done 2 sketches of 3 colored drawings
2. :iconjedauw:  paid. done 2 sketches of 2 colored drawings.
3. :iconbluejotain:  paid. done 1 sketch of 2 drawings.
4. :iconillyad:   paid. done 1 sketch of 5 drawings
5. :iconmuffuu:   paid 50 from 65
6. :iconshadowcat215:   paid. done the sketch.
7. :iconlynzii:   paid.
8. :iconarastane-siryphia:  AGAIN. of course paid. 
9. :iconthegiftedwriter:   half paid. done the sketch.
10. :iconesotericdichotomy:  paid. done 2 sketch of 4 drawings. done a realism.

another to-do list (traditional, money commissions):
1. maureen - 50%
2. wulan - 60%
3. ~revolver277 - 75%
4. ridwan - 0%
5. sienly - 0%
6. agan - 100%

the waiting list:
:iconsaikiri: :icondarklight-phoenix: :iconbleeeker: :iconmarie-lola: :icontipsyreturns:

:iconpsalmseven: :iconarastane-siryphia:
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Mmm, hei. I know that 99% of my watchers and people around the world wouldnt read this, but im just too bored to see my usual journal, so i made a new one.

Happy late christmas everybody! And happy very early new year...

Well, lately ive been into photography more than drawing. soo... the photography result is more than my drawing.

Thats not mean i said goodbye to traditional drawing, instead, i do a few commissions for potrait graphite drawing. But not all the result posted in deviantart. Sometimes the orderer just dont have any heart and forced me to do a A3 potraiture in 2 days. in the third day, i have to send it to him/her, so i just have no time to scan it (and i just too tired to scan it, after a night without any sleep, or itch in my hand).

So, i saved the money i got from those commissions. weeks ago, i think about buying a wacom to improve my skill in graphic design, but lately ive been thinking about camera. I think, what about Canon EOS 500D? (well, im still a beginner). its a huge dilemma.

hey btw, i STILL take commissions if you want.

ta-daaa :D
:iconrequestonhold: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen:

traditional stuff
*I NEED HIS/HER POTRAIT, okay? It's done by graphite pensils, in Canson multimedia paper.*

straight blonde/llight hair: 40 :points:
wavy blonde/light hair: 45 :points:
straight dark hair: 50 :points:
wavy dark hair: 55 :points:

*that price above are ONLY VALID IF you only want to get the softcopy (scanlation). For the real one, and you live outside Indonesia, we have to talk about the shipment and payment*

if u want something else, just note me. maybe i can do it.

so, have a nice day. love, me. im sorry for a freakin messy english. :hug:
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:iconrequestonhold:  :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen:

traditional stuff

(realism) (i mean, i need his/her photograph)
people potrait, draw with black graphite pencil
straight blonde/llight hair :  20 :points:
wavy blonde/light hair :  25 :points:
straight dark hair :  30 :points:
wavy dark hair :  35 :points:
example:  OR&n…
(done this months ago. so dont worry,  im kinda improving now.)

digital stuff

sketch: 4 :points:
lineart: 8 :points:
coloring: 12 :points:  
style:  OR&n…

its very cheap isnt it??
thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :love: :glomp:

gotta sleep. havent sleep for 2 days. and btw thanks for thx 200 faves at one on my PJatO fanart!

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:iconrequestonhold:  :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen:

traditional stuff

(character) potrait/torso/full body
sketch:  2 :points:
sketch with background:  4 :points:
lineart:  4 :points:
lineart with background:  6 :points:
coloring:  8 :points:
coloring with background:  10 :points:
style:  OR&n…

(realism) (i mean, i need his/her photograph)
people potrait, draw with black graphite pencil
straight blonde/llight hair :  15 :points:
wavy blonde/light hair :  20 :points:
straight dark hair :  25 :points:
wavy dark hair :  30 :points:
example:  OR&n…
(done this months ago. so dont worry,  im kinda improving now.)

digital stuff

full body
sketch:  4 :points:
lineart:  6 :points:
coloring: 10 :points:

sketch: 4 :points:
lineart: 8 :points:
coloring: 12 :points:  
(i do much detail with potrait)
style:  OR&n…

please, i need points! or if you think my drawing is suck but you wanna gimme points, its okay, just donate to  me hehehehehe

thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :love: :glomp:

ooooh,  man, im so tired right now. so sleepy. yesterday i fell asleep with my english book in my hand and computer, right in front of my face, still on. but still, i have to draw!!!

AND btw, i just know that our non-premium membership journal skin has been expired... except if you dont change the date, just edited the text. and i just know it like, a moment ago!! i thought i could use my skin forever! argh... so now i have to back to the deviant freaking green skin.

and thank you for watching me, or faving me anyway. i got 4 of my drawing reach until 100+ faves. and later it might be 6 picture to reach 100+ faves (hopefully. the first need 2 more, the second need 7 more). YAY. i know im not the best artist in the word, or even in the deviantart, or even in my town, or even in my own school. but thanks for those 82 (for now) people whose watchin me! guys, u're my inspiration!


imma ravenclaw

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 7:36 AM
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• [x] You are loud.

• [x] You liked going to school to see your friends.

• [ ] You've had more than a couple detentions.

• [x] You always have something to do on the weekends.

• [ ] You like to be the center of attention.

• [x] You get above average grades in school.

• [x] You've been called bossy before.

• [ ] You're a bit of a daredevil / you like an adrenaline rush.

• [ ] You are athletic.

• [ ] You are one of the best players on your team.

• [ ] You would do anything for your loved ones.

• [x] You like the color red.

• [ ] Your favourite class is Transfiguration or DADA.

• [ ] You would never break a promise.



• [x] You have many acquaintances, but only a handful of good friends.

• [ ] You get average grades in school.

• [ ] You've been called boring before.

• [ ] You don't like to brag about your achievements.

• [x] You value honesty.

• [x] You don't mind working hard to get what you want.

• [ ] You like the colour yellow.

• [ ] You have a job.

• [ ] You are athletic.

• [x] You are a team player.

• [x] You are in the middle of the social totem pole.

• [x] You are easily amused.

• [x] You like helping others.

• [ ] Your favourite class is Herbology or Divination.

• [ ] You like the music played on the radio best.



• [x] You get good grades in school.

• [x] You like to read.

• [x] Dumb people annoy you.

• [x] You are creative.

• [ ] You've been called a know-it-all before.

• [ ] You would say your intelligence level is higher than most.

• [ ] You hate cheating.

• [x] People often want you to help them with homework or projects.

• [x] You are more into the creative arts: theatre, dancing, drawing, etc.

• [x] You are extremely logical in your way of thinking.

• [ ] You are considered shy or quiet by people you don't know.

• [x] You like the colour blue.

• [ ] Your favourite class is A History of Magic, Charms, or Care of Magical Creatures.

• [x] You tend to over analyze things.

• [x] You can focus and pay attention well.



• [x] You are very competitive.

• [ ] You like the finer things in life.

• [ ] You think welfare is a waste.

• [x] You've made fun of someone in the past week.

• [ ] You've been called a snob before.

• [ ] You think the end justifies the means.

• [x] You're not afraid to say something to someone else's face.

• [ ] You tend to think people are a bit jealous of you.

• [ ] You've made someone cry by just saying something to them.

• [x] You tend to root for the villains in movies, books, etc.

• [ ] You are very good with words.

• [x] Above all, you want to be successful in life.

• [x] You like the colour green.

• [x] You love to win.

• [x] Your favourite class is Potions or DADA.


0.0 whateverr.


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 12:20 PM
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RANDOM : LOL :lol:

DA Stamp - Commissions 006 by tppgraphics
people potrait, draw with black graphite pencil
straight blonde/llight hair : 20 points
wavy blonde/light hair : 25 points
straight dark hair : 30 points
wavy dark hair : 35 points

example of my art --> (drew this a week ago)
                             --> , (i drew this 2 YEARS AGO when i was 14, so yeah, im improving)


fanart for Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Harry Potter or maybe Hunger Games
Stamp - Camp Half-Blood by LitaOliveira Peeta Mellark by Ellexon


P.S just checking that my artwork, Demi Lovato got 111 DOWNLOADS!!! (this is a new thing for me) YAY!!!!

P.P.S just checking too that my 'the underwater kiss' GOT 93 FAVES!!!! OMG shocking for me (i never got that much). WOW. Thats my FIRST submitted to dA, 1.5 years ago!! That suck pic??? Unelievable. ohhh my Goddd! :wow:

P.P.P.S im so sick.


i love my pencil by lex-shadow

THANKS! :D :glomp:

And LONG LIVE FOR RANDOMNESS!! Sokka: Well, hello.. ZUKO? by carenviniegra :lol: :rofl:

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Hi guys!!! Thank you for favin my artwork, and commented it! Silly, bt im so happy!
Yesterday when i check my messages, im kinda shock theres a lot of comments, saying that my arts arent that bad--some are even thinkin its hot. and the faves are kinda much (if u think 30-60 faves is good, sadly i never get tht 100+ faves heehe). When i was walkin down the road, i checked my deviantart from my android (so i kinda hard to reply the comments) and ended up smiling stupidly like a girl who got a kiss from his crush.
It was so sweet.

Okay, so..Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! Guys you are my inspiration!! :D

sorrry if my english is rubbish.
with luv, nadia :D
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hi! happy holidays everyone!
we dont have to go to school for at least a month... and 2 months if you are lucky.
this summer i think i would learn more about digital painting. i would so happy if anyone want to teach me some! almost a month i havent drawing again. slacking off :P
and i think i would do a workout, since i gained about 5 kilos during this holiday... :sighed:

guys, there is many unseen artist in the world. i think about my friend, who is so talentable but she didnt get attention enough.
so... do you mind if you just check this out? they have a great sense of art!
:iconfeinelein: :iconjust-ay:

thank you!

and btw, dont be a stranger please! i love your comment and ur fave. it makes me feel enthusiasm. i accept all the critics. im still studying, ya know.

see you later!
you know i love you.
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1. Put Your itunes, windows media
player etc on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next
button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after
the song name

1. Are you Male or Female?
shadow (cool.)

2. Describe yourself!
cry (please)

3. What do people feel when they are
around you?
without you (whoa)

4. Describe your current relationship!
E.T (yea!)

5. Where would you like to be now?
CLoser (with joe jonas *??*)

6. How do you feel about
i dont wanna miss a thing (hem)

7. What's your life like?
today my life begins (WOW)

8. What would you ask for if you had
one wish?
barrier (?)

9. Say something wise.
while my guitar gently weeps. (hu uh)

10. If someone says "Is this okay?"
you say,
halo (well,)
11. How would you describe yourself?
the climb (kind of)
12. What do you like in a guy/girl?
all i ever wanted (hmm)

13. How do you feel today?
i love u this big (duh)

14. What is your life purpose?
im ur baby tonight (wft...)

15. What is your motto?
you oughta know (hell yea)

16. What do your friends think of you?
imma be (meh)

17. What do you think of your
harder to breath (?)
18. What do you think very often?
already gone (!)

19. What is 2+2?
was i the only one (gr8)

20. What do you think of your best
dont you wanna stay (yeah!)

21. What do you think of a person you
cheers (o_O)

22. What is your life story?
not enough

23. What do you want to be when you
grow up?
all day

24. What do you think of when you
see the person you like?
colors of the wind

25. What will you dance to at your
flat on the floor (i would
do it)

26. What will they play at your funeral?
you and i (yea baby)

27. What is your biggest fear?
see no more (oh my)

28. What is your biggest secret?
piece of my heart (what?)

29. What do you think of your friends?
ill be there for u ( :D )

30. What will you post this as?
bennie and the jets (-,-)
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hi. friends. :)

just tell u that i havent submit art to deviantart since about early may, but i will as fast as i could do, only if you wonderin (i know what ure thinking: WHO CARES?!).

i did draw, but sumthing happened wit my scanner and im a bit (too) lazy to reinstall the scanner driver everytime when i wanted to scan my artwork... so you know whats next.

and thanks for (still...) faving me, at anubis and jason, piper and leo. i dont get it, it was a rubbish and u faving it (still, im really happy thought)? hehehe. jus thanks btw.

bad english. sorry. im indonesian.
do u know bali? (NO! indonesia is not a part of bali!)

okay. wait 4 me. buh byeeee

love ya,
nadia :D
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Indonesian only. well, its okay for ya 2 read it, bt probably u wont understand it :D mwahaha.
this one isnt mine, it's :iconshirasakakonoe:. heheh heheh heheh.
she's new and have no watcher for now, so i put her journal hereee :D

Komen yahhhhh :D :D :D

Beuh... bosen... akhir-akhirnya sih bikin account baru gara-gara stress ga bisa ganti user name. Okay... jadi nama... euh... panggil apa aja deh. mo manggil orang gila juga boleh.

Ngomong-ngomong tentang stress, hari ini beneran bikin stress.

Bayangin, gimana ga? Masa pas lagi produktif-produktif dan niat-niatnya bikin lalu nge-aplot cerita di, eh... malah ga bisa log in. Curse it!

Trus, kenapa bikin journal? Karena aku orang gila yang ga bisa memendam rasa stress, bwahahahaha!!! Kubagikan rasa stress yang ada pada siapapun yang terkutuk membaca journal ga jelas ini!
Euh... udah deh, daripada ngaco, ngepost penpik disini aja kali ya?

Okey... jadi berikut ni adalah penpik ngaco yang kubikin beberapa minggu yang lalu. AU-nya Shounen Onmyouji. Yang ga tau, silakan cari tau, itu animenya bagus lho, banyak cowok cantiknya. heheheh... Trus, sebenernya, aku juga lebih seneng sama versi manganya, tapi yang buatan Sakura Asagi-nya. soalnya ada dua versi gambarnya, yang buatan Sakura Asagi, dan yang buatan-ga-tau-siapa-tapi-gambarnya-bagus-sih. Yang versi keduanya, gambarnya versi shoujou banget.

Weh... malah nyerocos ga jelas. oh, ya. yang namanya Kirin itu semi-OCku. kenapa semi-OC? Karena dia memang ada di versi manganya (ato mungkin cuman versi sampul bukunya aja, ga tau, dan ga mau peduli) dan aku ga tau namanya, demikian juga orang-orang yang aku tanyain.

Okay... here we go:

Hiragizawa Kirin, cowok (yang nganggep diri) paling ganteng se-sekolah-an, seduniaan kalo perlu. Ga cewek, ga cowok, semuanya (lagi-lagi menurut dia) ga ada yang bisa nolak dia, walaupun sebenernya label playboy ga bisa ditemplokin ke dia, karena sampe sekarang dia ga pernah sekalipun nyobain yang namanya gonta-ganti pasangan, apalagi ngencanin lebih dari satu orang pada waktu yang bersamaan.

Masalahnya nih; kenapa Shirasaka Rikugou, kembarannya Leo dari Pandora Hearts yang-lompat-keluar-dari-manga-buatan-Jun-Mochizuki-yang-cuma-beda-karena-rambutnya-lebih-panjang-dan-warnanya-brunette-tapi-berantakannya-plus-kacamata-tebel-segede-abregnya-itu-sama-aja, malah nolak waktu dia tembak!?---

Kusanagi Guren, temennya Kirin, si kutu buku ganteng yang digandrungin banyak orang masih juga belum bisa nglahin Rikugou lomba matematika, padahal cuman sedetiiiik lagi jarak dia dari kemenangan. Dendam, ga, marah, apalagi. Cuman dia ga abis pikir, gimana tuh kembarannya Leo (seperti julukannya Kirin) bisa segitu pinter padahal kalo diitung-itung, jam belajar Rikugou lebih sedikit dari dia.

Masalah: Gimana kalo Seiryuu malah jadi deketnya ama Rikugou? Ga mau! Dari awal juga, Seiryuu deketnya udah ama dia! Emang sih, Seiryuu deket ama dia kan karena contekan. Tapi, kalo Seiryuu bener-bener pindah ke Rikugou gimana? Dari segala aspek, Rikugou emang kayaknya lebih banyak tau dari dia. Plus lagi… Seiryuu kayaknya ga suka sama anak yang innocent. Itu dia masalahnya, Guren bahkan ga tau cara make, atau lebih tepatnya apa itu ‘kondom’.---

Tsukahira Seiryuu, berandalan sekolah yang udah tau cara ngisep rokok bahkan sebelum dia masuk SMP. Dimata dia, Guren imuuuttt banget, apalagi kalo udah cemburu waktu dia deketin Rikugou. Okay, contekan itu sebenernya cuman alesan supaya dia bisa deket sama Guren.

Masalah terbesarnya; apa manisnya kucing!? Apalagi kalo reputasimu di sekolah itu sebagai berandalan yang hampir setiap hari telat, selalu make motor gede kemana-mana, dipandang dengan mata-mata ketakutan, hampir selalu punya masalah dengan guru, hampir selalu bolos pelajaran (kecuali biologi, ato pas ada ulangan), dan selalu digandrungin cewek (dan cowok)? Trus apa sih kerennya gila makanan manis dan bisa ngalahin seorang chef kalo disuruh lomba bikin sweets kalo lu cowok? Apa coba!?---

Shirasaka Rikugou, kutu bukunya kutu buku, kutu buku of the month, kutu buku teladan, dan rajanya kutu buku yang bisa dibilang kuper, dan rada anti sosial. Okay, tugas di rumahnya normal, cuman kebagian tugas masak tiap hari. Masak apa aja kan dia bisa. Tuh kan hidupnya normal-normal aja…

Masalah terbesarnya; Hidup dia sih berjalan dengan normal, bahagia sih kalo kata dia. Tapi kalo kata orang-orang disekitarnya (orang rumah sih biasanya), duh… otak pentium berapa sih dia? Pelajaran sih nyangkut, tapi polos ama lemotnya itu loh… luar binasa. Emang iya? Kayaknya sih… apalagi dia lagi bingung. Pasalnya, dia ga ngerti waktu Kirin nanya ‘Hey, lu mau ga kalo gue tembak?’ Rikugou langsung menggeleng. Ya iyalah, siapa sih yang mau ditembak? Orang tua yang udah puas hidup aja ga mau, apalagi dia yang masa depannya masih panjang? Lho, ato bukan itu maksud Kirin?---

Catatan Harian Hiragizawa 1: 2012 Doomsday, or 29 February My Doomsday?

“Hey… Rikugou, kalo ditembak sama Yuuya, lu mau ga?”


“Kalo sama Kei?”

Geleng lagi. Aih… imut banget dia kalo lagi geleng-geleng.

“Kalo sama cewek yang lu sukai?”

Gelengan lagi, kali ini disertai sebuah kalimat mengejutkan. “Aku lagi ga suka sama cewek manapun, jadi aku ga bakal mau ditembak cewek.”

“Kalo sama Hajime?”

Geleng lagi. “Bisa ga biarin aku belajar dulu? Entar lagi ujian nih…”

"Astaga. Ujian? Kan masih 2 bulan lagi," gue menyahut. Ouch, tatapan ingin membunuhnya itu imut juga.

Okey… gue diem aja dulu. Sedetik… dua detik… tiga detik… semenit… lima menit… duh… diem tuh susah benget ya?

“Hey, lu mau ga kalo gue tembak?”

Satu kalimat dan hidup gue berubah. Dia langsung menggeleng cepat dan langsung keluar dari perpustakaan, ninggalin gue yang ga tau kenapa dia lari kesetanan kayak gitu. Hey, semua murid di sekolah ini ga bakal bisa nolak kalo gue yang nembak! Dan dari sekian ratus murid gue milih dia yang biasa-biasa aja tapi dia nolak gue gitu aja!?

Pake acara lari kesetanan lagi!

Okay… tenang… tarik nafas perlahan… buang perlahan. Terus lakukan sampai tena…


Hari ini, 29 February 2012, gue, Hiragizawa Kirin, baru saja dipermalukan dengan ditolak oleh seorang cowok yang biasa-biasa aja. Ya, kalo kata Nostradamus kiamat itu 12 Desember tahun 2012 (Nostradamus ato suku Maya ya? Peduli amat), berarti kiamat gue dateng lebih awal, yakni, 29 February 2012.

Jurnal Harian Seorang Kusanagi 1: ‘Kondom’ itu Apaan sih?

Okay… apa sih yang lucu?
Beneran deh, apa sih yang lucu waktu aku nanya, “Beneran ya kondom tuh enak? Emang itu apaan sih? Makanan?
Kok aku ga pernah denger?”

Kok kesannya aku baru aja nanya sebuah pengetahuan umum yang bahkan anak kecil pun udah tau?

“Seiryuu, emang kondom itu apaan sih? Kok pada ketawa?”

Kerlingan mata. Akhir-akhir ini aku baru sadar kalo dia mengerling, berarti dia lagi berusaha menahan ketawa. “Apa sih yang lucu!?” sebel juga lama-lama. Apa yang lucu, beneran deh, apaan yang lucu?

“Euh… gini aja, gue beliin lalu cari sendiri artinya di internet. ‘Kay?”

Hm… kedengarannya bagus. “Hm… ‘kay, deal?”


Dia langsung belok ke apotek lalu keluar dengan kerlingan mata lagi. Aku berani bertaruh kalo dia lama di apotek
karena ngetawain kelemotan anak bernama Kusanagi Guren dengan si apoteker. Ya, lucu banget.

“Nih, kalo udah tau, kasih kabar ya,” katanya sambil menyerahkan plastik kecil yang berisi ‘the-so-called-kondom’ yang bikin aku diketawain seharian.

“Ya, terserah.”

Dia langsung nyalain mesin motornya yang kayaknya berat banget lalu nyuruh aku naik. Heran deh, kenapa sih dia harus make motor yang segede gini? Motor biasa juga kan cukup, toh dia ke sekolah cuman sendirian.
Oh, jadi ini yang namanya kondom? Cuman gini doang?

Aku baru sadar kalo yang kulihat itu masih berupa bungkusannya, belum kubuka. Okay… tarik nafas, keluarkan. Saatnya untuk melihat rahasia terkelam dunia ini yang membuat aku diketawain seharian.

Sreet… “Guren!” Aduh… kenapa harus sekarang sih dia manggil?

“Ya, Pa, aku turun!”

Terpaksa kondom yang belum kubuka itu kuletakkan begitu saja terbengkalai di meja belajar. Tunggu saatnya, akan kukorek rahasia yang ada pada benda satu ini.

‘Apaan-Terserah-Namanya’ Tsukahira 1: “Kok nih Anak Polos Banget sih?” (Part 1); Dilema Antara Kucing dan Anak Polos

Hm… hahahahaha… okay… cukup khethawa… hahahahaha!

Beneran deh… belum pernah gue ketemu sama anak SMA yang belum tahu apa itu dan gimana caranya berhubungan sex, apalagi yang belum tahu apa itu kondom. Heh… beneran nih anak satu.

Kasian temen-temen gue (baca: anak buah), kayaknya otot perut mereka sampe robek karena ketawa hari ini.

Baguslah, namanya juga karma udah sampe bikin tuh anak kesel.

Jadi, kira-kira, tuh kondom yang gue beliin guna ga ya?

Tenang, Guren sayang, kalo lu belum juga ngerti apa-apa tentang tuh kondom, bakal gue ajarin kok.

Mulai dari cara pakai sampe hal-hal apa aja yang bisa dan harus dilakuin kalo ada tuh barang satu.

Heheh… becanda. Tapi kalo emang dikasih kesempatan bakal gue lakuin, pasti.
Kucing-kucing udah pada dikasih makan belum ya?

“Yuu!” gue manggil kucing. Dan seekor kucing datang mengeong sambil protes. Gimana tau kalo dia protes? Kalo kaki depannya dipukul-pukul ke lantai, berarti dia belum makan. Fu… pinter kan?

Oh ya, kalo lu mau tau apa anak-anak di sekolah tau tentang hobi melihara kucing ini, jawabannnya adalah ga, mereka ga tau. Dan kalau mereka sampe tau, gue bakal mastiin rahasia ini ga bocor ke siapapun, dan kalo sampe bocor, they’re so totally dead.

Dan untuk tambahan, di rumah ini, kucing peliharaan asli cuman ada delapan ekor, yang 12 ekor sih cuman kucing numpang.

Namanya Yuu, Kai, Ruki, Uruha, Kouyou, Aoi, Reita, Miya (yang kucing piaraan), Shou, Tora, Nao, Sagacchi, Hiroto, Jyui, Reila, Erika, Katherine, Carry, Chizuru, dan Shiver (yang kucing numpang). Yang gue namain cuman Yuu aja, sisanya yang namain ade gue, secara tuh anak cuman hobi namain doang. Tapi kenapa nama-namanya harus berhubungan dengan Band Vis-Kei sih?

Plok! Kaki Yuu nemplok di pipi gue. Ahh… tuh kan, tangan kucing itu lembut ya. Fufufu… kucing itu imut ya. Kalo bisa gue nanti besar ga usah nikah aja, lumayan kan kalo gue bisa bikin penampungan kucing.

Ahem! Okay, jadi gue harus ngasih makan kucing dulu.

Err… dan nunggu kabar apakah anak kucing gue yang namanya Guren udah bisa nemuin apa artinya kondom.

Catatan Sejarah Kehidupan Shirasaka 1: Segitu Bencinya kah Sampai Mau Ngebunuh?

Ini pertama kalinya ada orang yang segitu bencinya padaku sampai kayaknya dia ga bakal segan-segan ngebunuh.

Well, aku masih mau hidup, masa ditembak? Kan sakit. Bisa mati lagi.

“Papa, tadi di sekolah ada yang mau nembak aku.”

“Apa!? Ga boleh! Rikugou anak kesayangan Papa, ga boleh ditembak! ENGGAK. TITIK. TANPA KOMA!”

Emang ada orang tua yang mau anaknya ditembak? Papa over-reacting banget deh. “Huh? Ya udah, Rikugou balik ke kamar, ya pah.”

Dan di kamar ini, aku cuman bisa mikirin apa yang bisa bikin Kirin benci sama aku. Contekan… aku emang ga pernah ngasih contekan. Apa karena lemotku? Ga pernah ada yang protes deh kayaknya (bukan ga ada, lu aja yang ga ngerasa). Err… wajah? Emang kata orang, mukaku jangan ditutupin pake kacamata lagi, udah ketutupan rambut. Abis, kalo cuman rambut, mukaku kelihatan! Ga tau nanti bakal jadi kayak gimana hidupku di sekolah!

Err… mungkin aku salah tanggap kali ya? Tapi kalimat tadi itu sama sekali ga bermakna ambigu! Pasti dia mau benar-benar membunuh anak-lemot-dengan-hidup-berantakan-yang-bernama-Shirasaka-Rikugou-ini!

Astaga… aku sekolah di sekolahku sudah dari TK, trus sesekolahan ama Hiragizawa Kirin udah dari SD, lalu selama ini, kami sekelas udah lebih dari 9 tahun. Dan aku baru tahu bahwa dia sebegitu sebalnya padaku sampai-sampai mau membunuhku.

Oh hell yeah. Way to go, Rikugou.

Memikirkan hal-hal yang sama sekali tidak berhubungan dengan fisika, matematika, biologi, kimia, sejarah, bahasa, dan apapun nama pelajaran itu membuat kepalaku sakit. Apa karena aku kebiasaan hanya mengisi kepalaku dengan pelajaran?

Well, sebenarnya masalahku ini berhubungan dengan logika matematika sih. Silogisme. Biasanya sih disebut kesimpulan. Jika a sama dengan b, dan b sama dengan c, maka a sama dengan c. Atau jika a sama dengan b, dan b tidak sama dengan c, maka a tidak sama dengan c. Dan lain-lain.

Dalam kasusku, akan berbunyi seperti ini;

Jika Kirin membenci Rikugou, dan membenci sama dengan ingin membunuh, maka Kirin ingin membunuh Rikugou. Atau, jika Kirin membenci Rikugou, membenci tidak sama dengan membiarkan hidup, dan tidak membiarkan hidup sama dengan tanpa segan-segan membunuh, maka Kirin akan tanpa segan-segan membunuh Rikugou.


Wow… aku jenius.

____End Part 1______________

Okay... jadi itulah penpik ga jelas yang baru sepotong selesai. Hm... kalo ada yang salah (apa lagi tentang silogisme-nya), tolong dimaklumkan dan kasih tau aku aja. Okay? Okay? OKAY???
Trus, kritik aja, asal jangan nge-flame.

Bye-bye... untuk sekarang


okehhh yang baiikk jangan lupa bwat komen. kasian diah. hahahah.
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[ ] = You blush a lot.
[ ] = You giggle.
[X] = You're quiet.
[x ] = You say random silly things.
[] = You have a baby face.
[X] = You wear a more down to earth style of clothing.
[] = You don't wear halter tops or anything to showy.
[] = Your under 5 feet 6 inches tall.

[X] = You're a virgin.
[ ] = Just thinking of sexual things makes you blush.
[ ] = Your idea of a date is really romantic.
[] = You sleep with a stuffed animal.
[ ] = You like to cuddle.
[X] = You've never played the Nervous game.
[x ] = You don't even know what the nervous game is.

[ ] = You like the color pink/light blue.
[ ] = You tend to wear bright/girly colors.

[ x] = You can be ignorant.
[] = You'd consider yourself shy.
[x ] = You like happy upbeat music.
[] = You like "Cutesy" music.

What YOU think is cute:
[ x] = You like small animals
[ ] = You like babies a lot.
[] = You like mini versions of things. (not really)

Oh well, whaddaheck?
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well, forget what i said. or write. But i just finished the exam week!!!!!! yeah!
no studying till midnight again.

on writing... well, my style had changed. and... i started to draw an inhuman creature... (wtf)
bt whatever. jajaja. Keep faving and comment meh. Hahahaha.

Still waiting for the throne of fire. And the son of neptune. AND the warlock. AND--

now i know that you wouldnt comment this journal. So not important. LOL.

Keep drawing and writing (woooo! one drawing EVERYDAY!!)
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Well, hola. This is nadia again.
i finished the kane chronicles, finally! I was busy with school, drawing, and blah blah...
and btw, i bought it in times and i cant wait for the throne of fire... (AND THE SON OF NEPTUNE!!!!)

mm hmm, there's something i wanna talk... or write, whatever.
so rick riordan's fave game is basketball?
He never mention about football or soccer or lacrosse (huhh?!)... it's always basketball.
Let's see.....
-Percy Jackson plays basketball. all of us knew it.
-Jason Grace plays basketball too. it mentioned while aphrodite kids placing bets on a kiss between jason and piper
-and ya, apollo cabin is good at three-points shoot. But whatever.
-and Carter Kane! He played basketball with his father and Khufu (you dont have to know who is he, if ya dont know. suprisingly) which is not good, and it mentioned that..
-basketball is Julius Kane's fave game.
but well, i know nothing about characters in 39 clues and tres navarre series because our country don't have it.
(Okay, the 39 clues is avaliable in our national bookstore, but it just too expensive. I have bought The Lost Hero and Red Pyramid in our international bookstore and it ran me out of money!)
uh-huh. it doesnt bother me thought, i love basketball. My school's best team is the basketball team.

and... can't wait for the son of neptune (fall 2011, think of it!)!!! i wondered how's percy going in roman camp! and how's goin jason, piper and leo...
but this may the throne of fire is coming out... :D well, i've read the first chapter and carter's confession and words about zia had touched me. Wow, he really is a sweet guy!
and yeah, Sadie Kane's always says that guy is hot, and that guy, or that guy... but she's cool.
sometimes i thought that Rick Riordan's ability is amazing, he can made different kind of point of view personality.
(like, percy is...well, how to describe it?!, jason is calmer, piper is a strong girl, leo is so fun (love him!), carter is calm like jason, and sadie have oh-whatever-i-dont-care personality (well, not really))
And he is consistent. I admiring him.

and now im going to get some read for the mortal instrument, City of Bones.

so... sorry or disturbing you now, for reading this unimportant journal. And thank you if you had your time for reading this (again) so-unimportant note (oh shut up, nadia).

im sorry for my bad english!!

love ya. xoxoxo.


P.S. would you pleaseee add comment in my gallery? you fave it, thank you! but i would appreciate it if you comment too! :D
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well. hola. its nadia again!
hell yeah. i still drawing. and writing. and blah blah blah...

well so... my style of drawing is changing. I forget, really2 forget  how to draw manga style. Uh huh.
so.... now idraw a little realistically...

i want to study some digital coloring stuff... would you help me? i have a pen mouse or something like that, and i usually use corel painter.....
im not really good at coloring... bt i want to learn it...

well, i dunno what i wanna say, and i have chemistry project, so buh byee...

love keep drawing!


(sorry. maybe my english a little suck)
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i hate my school, it got me soo busy! but now all the exam is OVER (YEEAAHHH!!)
tryin to back to deviantart, ohhh

its been a long time since the last time i draw (my hand suck)

i really wanna draw in computer, you know-- photoshop or stuff. could sumone teach me? tehee~ im suck at drawing the line art!

okay. i hve nothing special to talk about--
X nv3e
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Hey! im coming back for long time nooo see! NOW IM A HIGH SCHOOL! grade 10! yay! and my school is very busy, though. -,-

im coming with all-made-only-by-pencil deviants, i love being an pencil artist! and i love designing too!

So,, tell me what do you thinking!

add me on facebook,


*im single and looking, hit me up! :D
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Hahahaha. i decided im a pencil artist now, cuz im only can drawing something and NEVER colouring it (in the right way)!


i love ya guys!
hey, if you like to faves my art, why not to become my watcher? teheee~

okay. my journal maybe a big unimportant, but i like to make it averydays like strange diary ^^;

love, :love:
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tomorrow is my art examination!!!!


hey i know im kinda suck at coloring, but i think i'll try to coloring 'the underwater kiss' (my most popular deviant) :D :D :D
hey, thanks, 8 llamas and 170+ pv!! love ya! :love:

ummmm, bye? im really tired now. because SCHOOL stuff. exams. :x
thanks for faving at my arts :D . really appreciate it! love yall!!!

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